Functional Cocktails at Home

Here at Mindful Mixology, we like to be open-and honest. We started off with an idea in mind to offer functional cocktails, made from locally sourced, foraged delicious botanicals that are as tasty as they are beneficial.

The reality is at the size we are, it's impossible to bottle this, give it a shelf-life and ship it Nationwide. 

So whilst we work on this, we have created a range of cocktails that use organic and natural produce where we can, that have limited or zero refined sugars, support local-brands, and that above all, are transparent in labelling, nutritional info and ingredients- all whilst keeping to our eco-friendly ethos!

We can also continue to pursue our love of functional drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, via pop-ups, events and of course our blog.

Try one of the recipes below and let us know what you think!

Do good. Live good. Drink mindful.


Three Delicious Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Drinks like mocktails and alcohol-free cocktails are often overlooked in favour of their booze-filled counterparts, but they can be an ideal option for those seeking to cut back on their alcohol consumption or wanting to switch it up from time to time.

alcohol-free cocktails



We've got some beautiful rosé in the fridge, so have decided to serve up these frosé's with the most amazing strawberries from a local farm.




Sunshine Spritz

We've created this gorgeous spritz, made with Wilfred's Bittersweet Non-Alcoholic Spritz.


Buch and Ginger

A delicious blend of lemon, ginger and pineapple gives this cocktail a lovely tropical twist without being too overpowering. Perfect for bbq's, parties and Summer gatherings- all with the added benefit of being good for your health!

Buch and Ginger Cocktail


Ginger Margarita Zing

We did a similar recipe to this last year on our blog and thought we'd revisit to see if it's as good as we remember. Yes. Yes it is.

margarita zing


Chocolate Espresso Martini

We've infused a vegan-friendly coffee liqueur with cacao nibs- and we've added a touch of organic coconut blossom to create this delightful low-sugar Chocolate Espresso Martini!

Espresso Martini

Piña Colada- Creme Egg Style!

Made with cacao nib-infused coconut rum, vegan-chocolate rim and a mango centre.

creme egg pina colada


Triple Chocolate Martini

A delicious blend of cacao infused vodka, dark chocolate liqueur and extra cocoa powder for good luck! choc martini

Chocolate Boulevardier

Cacao nibs are tasty little morsels packed with an impressive amount of nutrients, and are super versatile!

We created this Chocolate Boulevardier, the perfect evening tipple. 

Chocolate Boulevardier Recipe


Smokey Carrot Margarita

Continuing on our theme of ever-surprising carrot recipes....we've landed on this superb Carrot Margarita.

The blend of carrot, lemon, grapefruit and tequila match perfectly in flavour characteristics and body. The lemon lifts the carrot, and the tequila gives that all needed kick.


Carrot Margarita


Bloody Veggies in my Bloody Mary

If tomato juice really isn't your thing, but you fancy joining in the Bloody Mary craze, then we've found the perfect substitute- carrot juice!

We've mixed ours with an award-winning pickle juice, and some bad-ass hot sauce! Check out our recipe here and give it a go this weekend.

Carrot Bloody Mary by Mindful Mixology 

The Carrot Negroni

This twist on a White Negroni contains a touch of Organic carrot juice and 25ml fresh orange juice. The result is a slightly herby, bitter drink with a tad more sweetness than your regular Negroni.

Carrot Negroni


Açai Mojito

The final in our February 'Cocktails with benefits' feature. We're using the last of our Açai juice to make a tasty mojito- with the delightful Norfolk Premium White Rum!

Açai Mojito


Açai Berry Bramble

If you're looking for a cocktail that's as nutritious as it is delicious, we recommend using a spot of DIY and whipping this one up. It's easy, and once you've made your Açai syrup you can use it in plenty of other recipes.



Acai berry bramble


Acai Gin and Tonic

Here at Mindful Mixology we're big fans of giving your drinks a little hit of goodness; whether it's through added Kombucha, a few drops of CBD, or the addition of a superfood- in this case, Acai.

Acai Gin and Tonic


Acai Blackberry Martini

A delicious fruity 'martini' style drink (although technically it would be described as a Sour). A beautiful dark berry flavour that blends perfectly with the lemon and agave.  


Acai Blackberry Martini


Black Smoked Margarita

The blackberries are out in force at the moment, but what about the rest of the plant? Well, we’re here to tell you that the leaves are not only full of flavonoids and minerals, but they also add an extra dimension to the standard blackberry cordial.

Mixed with Mezcal, this cocktail has depth, smokiness and is truly delicious!


It's Beets, Actually

Beetroot and Mezcal? Who'd have thought it. And yet, it goes so well. The earthiness and the smokiness add a level of depth and complexity that you get from the finest of cocktails out there, and it's super easy to make in your own home. 

Beetroot Cocktail


Real Passion Fruit Martini

We couldn't quite decide whether to call this a Real Passion Fruit Martini, or just a vodka smoothie. Either way, it's 100% delicious whilst being sugar-free and containing all the goodness from fresh mangoes, passion fruit and lime.....with a naughty touch of vodka. 

Passion fruit martini


Popcorn Old Fashioned

Chocolates. Popcorn. PJ's. A sneaky takeaway, and watching a good ol' family classic. Just perfect.

Popcorn Old Fashioned


The Mogwai

With a Bourbon with hints of cinnamon, pomegranate and of course cider, it really is a cocktail perfect for festive the season. 

The Mogwai


The Reverse Manhattan

A clever little switch like flipping the ratio on this classic, means you can enjoy all the flavour with much less alcohol


Peach and Chia Bellini

We're thinking of having this Peach and Chia Bellini for Christmas brekkie, but hey, we're not ones to judge. You may just fancy having a little tipple today! 


Spiced Pumpkin Martini

These "martinis" are made with a delicious blend of spiced pumpkin spices, pumpkin purée and rum. So warming, so creamy, and just perfect for the wintery weather.


Raspberry (ACV) Nojito

You won't find any rum in our Nojito (yes we're still doing Sober October) but you will find apple cider vinegar.

The result is a cocktail that has more depth and complexity, and is good for your gut!

Raspberry Nojito


Grapefruit No'groni Spritz

This recipe lies somewhere between a Negroni and a Sbagliato; using Seedlip (alcohol-free gin style spirit) and the alcohol-free Martini Vibrante as the base, and turning it up with a healthy twist of freshly squeezed ruby grapefruit and soda. 

Grapefruit Negroni Recipe


Immune Boost G & T

This first weekend of Sober October we're kicking off with a G & T....ginger and turmeric that is!

This immune-boosting magic potion is nutritious, delicious, and has a depth of flavour that rivals the most complex cocktails out there.

Immune Boosting G&T Recipe


Avo Piña Colada

Avocado makes a delicious addition to a smoothie, so why not add it to a "smoothie" with pineapple, coconut and just a little shot of rum?

Avocado Piña Colada Recipe


Low ABV Negroni

We ended Negroni Week ' Mindful Mixology' style by creating a simple, tasty, lower-abs version of our favourite classic.

Low ABV Negroni

Margarita Zing

Easy to make, refreshing, and with a boost of antioxidants and vitamins, this cocktail represents “functional drinks” at their finest. Try the ginger Margarita Zing! 

Margarita Zing


Black Country Clover Club

We're zipping' up our boots and going back to our the West Midlands, with a Dr Eamer's British Berry Clover Club

Clover Club


Peach Kombucha Mojitos

We bring to you, the Peach Kombucha Mojito. Simply made, refreshing, gut-healthy and bloody perfect for hols on the beach...whether that be Barbados, or Costa del Norfolk. 

Peach Mojito


Silver Norfolk Gin Fizz

The typical gin fizz contains just four ingredients; gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda. Add egg white and you have yourself a Silver Fizz.

Add Norfolk Brew 'Lemon and ginger' tea syrup and Norfolk bathtub gin and you have yourself a Silver Norfolk Gin Fizz!

Norfolk Gin Fizz


The Sgroppino Cocktail

Simply creamy sorbet, vodka and Prosecco, the Sgroppino is a beautiful combination of 'fancy cocktail' and ice-cream. The only tough decision is whether to use a spoon, straw or simply gulp it down, all before it melts

Sgroppino Cocktail


Chamomile Gin Fizz

Making the most of our ‘edible’ garden this year, we’re growing a crop of chamomile!

Check out our chamomile infused gin fizz recipe!



Dandelion Bee's Knees

Gram for gram, dandelion leaves have 50 per cent more vitamin C than tomatoes, twice as much protein as an aubergine and as much iron as  spinach!

Check out our cocktail recipe using dandelion cordial!

dandelion cocktail

Coconut Margaritas? Yes please!

What good is National Margarita Day on a Monday? Ok ok, so it is lockdown, and there's not much difference in any of the days at the moment, but still.

With that in mind, we are having our Marg celebrations this weekend....and we're going all out with a trio of delicious delights- including a truly scrumptious coconut margarita. Yes please!

Coconut Margarita


Acai & Berry Bramble

Is it just us, or does everybody have what seems like an infinite array of bizarre ingredients at the back of their cupboards?

One of the things we've produced from our magical, mystery ‘cupboard of doom’ is acai powder. 

Of course, being healthy (cough cough) we're mixing it with gin, for a bramble that's packed full of antioxidants.

Acai & Blueberry Bramble


Don't forget to check out our social pages every Wednesday, when we release our 'brand of the week'. Something that we think is not only tasty but that puts wellness, mindfulness or plant Earth top on their list of priorities!




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