Three Delightful Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Drinks like mocktails and alcohol-free cocktails are often overlooked in favour of their booze-filled counterparts, but they can be an ideal option for those seeking to cut back on their alcohol consumption or wanting to switch it up from time to time.

Here at Mindful Mixology we have options for alcohol-free cocktails,  including our award-winning grapefruit margarita which can be delivered to your door as part of our alcohol-free box set. As you probably know, we also regularly post recipes about cocktails that you can make at home, using seasonal ingredients and quite often things you can find in your garden.

We were however recently asked to provide cocktails for a beautiful dinner, hosted at the new East Anglia Air Ambulance, Norwich. It was a 6-course meal, with each course being provided by a fantastic Norfolk-based chef, all organised by Charlie Hodson in memory of his good friend and local hero, Alan Miller. We paired a cocktail with each course, we had so much fun doing it, and we felt so privileged to be there.

Below we have included the recipes for our top 3 (well, they were all good, but we'll release the other 3 at a later date!)

 Charred lemon collins

Caramelised Lemon Collins

Paired with Hay Baked Organic East Anglian Chicken with Norfolk Asparagus, Sauce Suprême and a Malt Extract from Richard Bainbridge at Benedicts, Norwich.

We chose this cocktail as we thought the balance and body would pair well with the meal. The citrus cuts through the cream, and the charred element pairs nicely with the malt extract. We garnished it with a sprig of dried lavender, a sprig of seeded grass from the garden and a caramelised lemon slice. Accompanied with a hay straw that paired with the 'hay baked' theme of the meal.

Edi is also the weirdest and most wonderful alcohol-free spirit. One cocktail made with this should leave you feeling super relaxed. It's made from hemp and has CBD in it!


Edi 50ml

Caramelised Lemon Syrup 25ml

Fresh Lemon Juice 25ml

Soda 25ml



1. Make the lemon syrup (recipe below).

2. To build the cocktail, add the Edible, lemon syrup and lemon juice to a shaker. Add ice and shake.

3. Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour the mix over the ice. Top with soda.

4. Add a straw (so you can mix) and garnish with a caramelised lemon slice.


Caramelised Lemon Syrup

1. Half 3 lemons and pop them on the bbq until they get a slight char. Make sure you don't burn them, just caramelise them slightly.

2. Juice all of the lemons and zest 2 of them.

3. In a pan make a simple syrup. We used an organic raw unrefined sugar. 

4. Mix 200g with 150ml water. Heat slowly until fully dissolved. Take off the heat.

5. Add the lemon mix. Leave to cool, and pop into a sealed container in the fridge.

 Clover Club

Clover Club

Paired with Holkham Venison, with asparagus, beets, potato terrine and redcurrant jus, made with Michael Chamberlain of the Victoria Inn, Holkham.

We needed something that would pair with the venison balance-wise. We decided on a classic Clover Club, with the red fruits and frothy texture pairing well with the meal. The pineapple juice added sweetness, so to balance it out we added a spoonful of redcurrant jelly. Topped with an edible cocktail topper with a picture of beautiful Holkham.



Pineapple Juice 60ml

Fresh Lemon Juice 30ml

Raspberry Syrup 25ml

Small handful of raspberries

5ml Organic Agave



1. Make the syrup first. Follow the recipe here but changing the blackberries for raspberries. 

2. In a shaker, add the raspberries and 5ml of agave. Muddle well. 

3. Add the remaining ingredients into the shaker. Shake with ice until extra frothy.

4. Double strain into a coupe and top with the cocktail topper.




Cucumber Fizz (or Green Sling)

Paired with the Lemon and elderflower tart, Sharrington strawberries, mint and lime by Nathalie and Dan at Socius, Burnham Market


This cocktail has strong flavours from the elderflower and lemon, that pair just beautifully with this delicious tart! We added fresh cucumber juice to give it a nice frothy texture, and to lighten the body slightly. The dash of Pentire added subtle botanical flavours which made it really taste like a gin-based cocktail.



Pentire 25ml

Cucumber Juice (fresh) 35ml

Fresh Lemon Juice 30ml

Elderflower Cordial 25ml


1. Add all of the ingredients into a shaker.

2. Shake with ice and fine strain into a coupe.

3. Top with an edible flower.



We hope you enjoyed these lovely recipes! If you make any, do let us know. We love pictures on our social @mindfulmixology_uk!

Also, you can come see us at our new bar Back To Mine in London!



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