The Carrot Negroni

March's super ingredient is....carrot! 

We probably don't need to reel off the list of benefits of carrots, we've all been told from a young age. Let's not forget the fact that they help us "see in the dark!"

But how often do we try it in a drink format? 

Carrot NegroniThe Carrot Negroni


The inspiration for using carrot juice was from a Carrot Negroni we had a few years back in NYC. We didn't ever find out the exact recipe, but this cocktail is as close as we can get to the original.

It's slightly herby, slightly bitter but with a tad more sweetness than your regular Negroni.

We've based the recipe on a white negroni which calls for Gin, Suze* (a delicious bright yellow apéritif made from the roots of the Gentian plant) and Lillet Blanc- a beautifully balanced white vermouth.

Suze is available from the main drinks supermarkets (or Amazon) but if you have any Cocchi Americano in the house, you can substitute for this. It's not the same, but will still give a balanced result.



In terms of carrot juice, you can either juice your own and strain it, or buy it from the supermarket. We used James Whites Organic Carrot Juice from Waitrose.

A touch of fresh orange juice, and voilà! 

A cocktail full of nutrients (that have to be completely ignored as it's also full of booze). Whoops.

If you have any Negroni loving friends, this cocktail will be fabulous for dinner parties. Let them know it is a white negroni and see if they can guess the missing ingredient. 

Peaky Blinders Gin

Peaky Blinders Gin

Recipe (can be divided over two glasses):

30ml Suze

30ml Lillet Blanc

30ml London Dry Gin- we used the delicious Peaky Blinders Gin!

50ml Carrot Juice

25ml Fresh Orange Juice



Add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, and a scoop of ice, and shake for a little. You don't want to dilute the drink too much, but you do want to mix the ingredients, so probably 2 or 3 shakes will do.

Pour into a short glass. 

Add the biggest ice cube you can find. We've got a sphere mould and a large cube mould and they are fab for Negroni's, Old Fashioned's or any cocktails that don't require much dilution.

Large Ice Cubes


Garnish with a mini carrot or orange- we used a dehydrated orange wheel.

Enjoy- and let us know what you think!


*Please note that we have not yet been able to confirm if Suze is vegan-friendly due to the filtration process.



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