Most of our cocktails have a shelf-life of 6-12 months, making them ideal for any company. 

Once opened we recommend you keep refrigerated and use within 3 weeks.



We work with our clients to create bespoke cocktails that suit your company or venue.

We can create seasonal cocktails or cocktails for special occasions. We are also happy to provide bespoke labelling upon request, either incorporating your logo or creating a new design in house.


Why would I not make my own cocktails?

Great question, and of course, you can! There's nothing that we love more than watching a skilful mixologist create a masterpiece in front of our very eyes. However, there are many reasons why RTD cocktails may be perfect for your venue or organisation.

  • Training the staff is 'mixology' is expensive and time consuming. To be a true mixologist takes years of practice, just like being a great Head Chef. You can of course train your staff to recreate your menu, but this also takes time and constant training. It's crucial that your cocktails are consistent in flavour and delivery.
  • Wastage on cocktails can eat into your GP. We've ran multi-level cocktail bars and small wine bars, so we know the issues of wastage. The good thing about our cocktails is that they have a long shelf-life, so no need to keep buying in those expensive purees that last 5 days in the fridge!
  • "Join us for the launch of our award-winning cocktail menu!" Sounds good doesn't it? You can have these award-winning cocktails on your menu in no time.
  • Time saving. We all know the importance of reducing wait times for service. By using our cocktails you can still have the 'theatre' without the faff. For example, when making an espresso martini we've watched many a time as the server walks to the coffee machine, makes an espresso, then continues to make the cocktail. With our zero-waste bag, you can tap off 100ml into a shaker, shake, strain and garnish. So you get the theatre without the faff.
  • My customer said they like their cocktails fresh! Maybe it's worth explaining that the vodka used in their cocktails, or the pureee from the pouch is not fresh! When you think of it, most cocktails aren't exactly fresh. We bet when they try our cocktails, they LOVE them. 
  • Supporting a small brand. We know the issues of having to compete with the 'big brands.' We can't compete on the price of a post-mix sugar filled cocktail. We can however offer better quality cocktails from as little as £2 per serve with all the perks of working with a small, independent brand.
  • Partners! Seeing as we only recently received our AWRS license, we aren't contacting every single company to sell our cocktails. We'd much rather work with a select few venues that share our ethos


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