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Hello there! A big hello from us here at Mindful Mixology. 
Our friends at Back To Mine asked us to create a recipe for you- something tasty, easy and with the added benefit of being good for your gut- hurrah!
And so we introduce to you the tasty Peach Kombucha Mojito.
And if you fancy hearing more about our story, scroll down. 
Enjoy xxx
Peach Kombucha Mojito 

Peach Mojito

Whether you are a drinker or not, there's always a time where you over-indulge (hello Christmas) and anything that's good for your gut should be welcomed with open arms.

We've recently been browsing the isles of our local Holland & Barrett and have found some incredible 'gut-healthy' elixirs which add delicious twists to classic cocktails.

Lime Juice

And so we bring to you, the Peach Kombucha Mojito. Simply made, refreshing and bloody perfect for that tiny taste of tropical in the midst of Winter.

We also aren't fans of overly sweet cocktails, and actually prefer this without any added sweeteners or sugar. You can easily add a touch to suit your palate, but we recommend trying it without. The peach kombucha gives it a really nice kick.

White rum from Cornwall

Cape Cornwall Rum Company


Recipe for 4

200ml of a good quality white rum

2 whole limes for juicing (around 100ml)

Garden mint

Remedy Peach Kombucha, available from Waitrose, H&B or online

Remedy Drinks Kombucha

Remedy Drinks Kombucha


Rip your mint leaves, give them a smack (this releases the flavour) and pop them into the bottom of each glass.

Equally divide the rum (50ml) and lime juice (25ml) between each glass. Option to add a squirt of agave or a touch of sugar syrup here if you like- but we suggest without.

Top each glass with a handful of ice. Crushed is better if at home, but on a cubed is fine.

Fill to the top with the peach kombucha.

Serve with lime wheels and a paper straw, to mix the ingredients. Alternatively mix before distributing with a little spoon.

Ta-da! Gut friendly, fun cocktails. Enjoy!


The Story of Mindful Mixology

Before starting Mindful Mixology, our founder, Danni, looked for cocktails on the market that were made with better ingredients, were lower in sugar, and tasted great….and guess what? There weren’t any.
Danni our founder
And so…Mindful Mixology was born.

Mindful in that our packaging is recyclable or compostable.
Mindful in that we donate money from each box to charity.
Mindful in that we support local brands.
And mindful in the fact that we have cocktails that are better for you than the norm.
If you want to hear more of our, click on the following link, or scroll down for a tasty and easy cocktail recipe (that's good for your gut!)



Of course if you'd rather not make a cocktail, take a look at our award-winning cocktails which are all 'pour-and-serve'- taking the faff out of making cocktails at home. The Salted Coconut Espresso Martini is our current favourite, but the Grapefruit Margarita packs a punch, and not forgetting our Lychee Martini that recently bagged 3 stars at the Great Taste awards!


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