Best Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Fancy knocking up some last minute inspiration for Valentine's Day cocktails? Then look no further. 

We've put together a small selection of cocktails that are not only easy to make, but can be tweaked to be low in sugar, or pimped to be....well, pimped! 


1. Rose Martini

An oh-so-sophisticated option with a delicious twist on the martini!

Never mind rose petals on the bed, it’s all about rose petals in your drink. Rose syrup isn’t that difficult to find and should be available in your local supermarket, but if its not, try this sugar-free version on Amazon from Simply syrups- it has great balance and a long-lasting flavour.

For the rose martini you’ll need some lemon juice (15ml), sweet vermouth (15ml), and cranberry juice (35ml).

Shake everything together with the rose syrup (about 10ml) and enjoy the perfect libation for a romantic evening!

If all this sounds too much hassle, just try our Lychee Martini and add 5ml of rose water; floral, fruity and delicious!


Glasses with Champagne, a touch of hibiscus syrup and strawberry purée with fresh berries


2. Strawberry Mimosa

Let’s get fancy!

We all love a mimosa, but this one’s got a lovely little Valentine’s upgrade! Strawberry purée should be easy enough to find either in the drinks section of a larger supermarket or in the home baking section. If not, you can always order some online, and it has a reasonably long shelf life so you can put it to good use in desserts or other endeavours later on (just make sure you check the sugar content and only use a touch!) Alternatively, you can make your own low-sugar version with fresh strawberries and sugar, or a sugar alternative, such as this Monk Fruit Sweetener.

Champagne would be our choice for this drink, but you can always swap it out for Prosecco or sparkling wine, or even a non-alcoholic fizzy drink of your choice!

Hibiscus syrup is a lovely dark pink colour and can be found in specialist Asian shops or online, but for a fresher and lower calorie alternative, go for hibiscus juice. This organic version is beautiful in this cocktail and is available on Farmdrop (which we love!) 

Mix 25ml of strawberry puree with about 15ml of hibiscus juice in a flute, then top with bubbly and fresh berries!

If you really want to up your presentation game, snag yourself some chocolate-covered strawberries to accompany your mimosa. The most Instagrammable cocktail ever!

A Tequila Sunrise topped with freshly sliced oranges and maraschino cherries

3. Tequila Sunrise

Firstly, who doesn’t love a retro classic? Secondly, who doesn’t love tequila?

Actually, let’s be honest, tequila isn’t everyone’s best friend. But this cocktail, an old classic, is a great way to enjoy that bottle of tequila someone gave you ages ago that you’ve been too scared to crack open.

The only other things you need are orange juice, which you probably already have at home, and grenadine, which can be found in most larger supermarkets.

Mix the tequila and fresh orange juice in a glass, fill the glass with ice, and then float the grenadine on top for that sexy colour blend!

Looking for a low-sugar version of grenadine? This sugar-free cordial works quite well, and is available from Waitrose or on Amazon if you need it last minute! 

Of course, there’s loads of ways you can pimp this cocktail up! Add a splash of lemon or lime juice for a nice citrusy element, or even some Cointreau or other triple sec if you have any lying around.

I’m a big fan of topping drinks with bubbles, and if Valentine’s Day isn’t the best excuse to drink excessive amounts of Prosecco, what is?


There you have it! Valentine’s Day cocktails that are easy to make and easy to drink.

If you don’t fancy going through all the elbow grease of making the drinks yourself, check out our range of cocktails available for delivery!

Maybe you’re away from your loved one this Valentine’s Day too, so sending them a little boozy gift may be the perfect way to cheer them up. Virtual Valentine’s happy hour, anyone?

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