5 Mindful Drinks Brands

Here at Mindful Mixology, we’re all about being, well, mindful when it comes to drinking.

Whether that means choosing low-sugar alternatives, adding some healthy ingredients to our cocktails, or making sure that we’re choosing sustainable brands!

Here we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite drinks brands who are making the conscious decision to be as sustainable and ecological as possible.

As of yet, we are only showcasing vegan-friendly brands on our website, but we thought some of these were just too good to not shout about.

Oh....and there are plenty more amazing brands out there too. So this is just part 1!


1. Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow Vodka

When I first heard about what makes Black Cow special, I didn’t really believe it. How can you make vodka.. from milk? Yet they do. 

At their distillery in Dorset, Black Cow use only one ingredient to make an irresistibly smooth and creamy vodka - leftover whey that comes from cow’s milk that is usually discarded during the cheese-making process. On the Black Cow farm, when making their Black Cow Deluxe Cheddar, they ferment the whey from the cheese-making process, converting the milk sugars into alcohol, before distilling, blending, and filtering through coconut-shell charcoal.

The result is a truly unique vodka that makes an amazing Espresso Martini!

Check out Black Cow’s shop here.


2. Ramsbury Single Estate Gin

Ramsbury Gin

Ramsbury Gin is made over in Wiltshire, through a process that’s entirely ‘closed-loop.’

This means that all byproducts and waste that come from the distillery process are reused somehow back on their farm. Any leftover wheat from the creation of their spirits is used to feed the farm’s cattle and pigs, while they use the trees from the surrounding forest to provide wood to heat the distilleries, replanting each tree that is felled.

For water, the distillery takes it from a borehole on the farm and then funnels it back into the ecosystem via reed filtration beds that help the wheat grow.

Click here to check out Ramsbury products!


3. Warner’s Honeybee Gin

Warner's Honeybee Gin

If your passion is saving the bees, look no further. Warner’s produce a wonderful range of small batch gins at their distillery on Falls Farm, over in Northamptonshire. They have several amazing flavours, but their honeybee batch really catches the eye for eco-friendliness! This gin was created and developed in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society as part of a collaborative effort to protect bees, with some of the profits going to the RHS’ special pollinator projects.

As if that wasn’t enough, each bottle of this gin comes with a pack of honeybee-friendly wildflower seeds for you to plant!

The gin itself is wonderfully subtle, with hints of lavender, rose, and of course, honey!

Check our Warner’s products here.


4. Seven Bro7hers Sling It Out Stout

Seven Bro7hers

This is a truly creative one! Seven Bro7hers creates a range of beers by upcycling various cereals! Any discarded grains - thrown out of the cereal batch for being overcooked or discoloured - from brands like Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, and Coco Pops are instead used to brew beer.

The one mentioned above, the Sling It Out Stout, is brewed using Coco Pops, giving it a subtle choccy milk taste that’s simply to die for!

Seven Bro7hers have a huge range of beers available! Click here to check them out.


5. Two Drifters Rum

Two Drifters Rum

 Our last one is Two Drifters, based in Devon, who are the world’s first carbon-negative distillery. They run off 100% zero-emission energy, even using electric vans for deliveries. All carbon emissions created in the production process, from cultivating the sugar cane to the creation of the glass bottles, are offset. Even their business cards are eco-friendly - made from recycled t-shirts!

We love this rum, so much so that we’ve created an Easter cocktail with their spiced rum; our Hot Cross Rum!

Get your Two Drifters Rum here

By Nadia Barbar
Don't forget, when it comes to Mindful brands, we want to lead the way. As a small company we are being completely honest when we say...we're working on it- and we have soooooo many ideas! Join up to our newsletter, or keep an eye on our Insta or Twitter page to keep updated.
For now...
  • All of our packaging is recyclable or compostable; including 100% glass in our bottles, and the aluminium caps
  • We are completely plastic free
  • We are vegan-friendly
  • We donate a percentage of our profits to certain charities that we love
  • We support small brands
  • We use Parcel-Force, who use Royal Mail routes for deliveries, meaning less carbon
  • Our labels on our bottles are completely compostable, as well as using eco-inks
  • We use beneficial ingredients where we can, as well as organic products in our cocktails
  • We are open and honest. Our Social media tells our story. We also list all ingredients and nutritional information online for anyone who wants or needs to see

We are on a journey, and we're glad you're a part of it.

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