Cocktail Recipes- International Women's Day Special

To celebrate International Women's Day this Monday 8th we've put together a few cocktail recipes featuring our favourite female-owned UK brands.

1. Hibiscus & Ginger Spritz

 Mother Root London


This recipe is based on a cocktail we had at Three Little Birds, BC ‘before-covid’ (founded by April Jackson; The Apprentice, Sunday Brunch).

Ginger, rum, and hibiscus (sorrel) were beautifully combined to make a warming, fruity and vivid drink, that for some reason or other at the time, felt like it could be healthy (yes, whatever we needed to tell ourselves on a Friday night in a cocktail bar!)
We've gone a step healthier and have included switchel. WTF is switchel we hear you cry! Well, it’s a centuries-old Apple Cider Vinegar drink that is usually sweetened with maple syrup, honey, or molasses- and quite often contains ginger.

We tried Mother Root’s switchel a few weeks back and can’t get enough of it. It’s spicy, complex, and truly scrumptious as a non-alcoholic treat- with the benefit of dressing it up or down (it can substitute a G&T any day, but also delicious as a morning treat).
Mother Root founder Bethan went from selling alcohol in the wine business to making non-alcoholic drinks at home, and finally launching her brand of switchel that has been hitting headlines due to its deliciousness! Although Bethan has a whole host of non-alcoholic recipes online, we've been decidedly naughty and have added rum, soda, and a touch of hibiscus syrup. Yummy.


 Hibiscus and Ginger Spritz

Hibiscus & Ginger Spritz

25ml Mother Root
25ml Hibiscus Syrup
50ml White Rum
Squeeze of lime
Top with soda
Pour over ice and serve with a lime wheel

2. Alcohol-Free Margarita

Mockingbird Spirit

Mockingbird Spirit

Yes, we know we keep banging on about Mockingbird Spirit, we love it so much we’ve included it in our 0% ABV Grapefruit Margarita. With a market steadily saturated with 'alcohol-free' products, and with the cost price often (and fairly so) being more than an actual bottle of booze, it's risky business when shopping for AF products (we’ve tried a few so expect another blog soon!)

This spirit, the only AF alternative to tequila in the UK, is super interesting in the fact that it can genuinely substitute tequila. Who’d of thought it possible. It also has the added benefit of including Ashwagandha, an adaptogen.
The brands' founder Fern was on the hunt for her ‘hero’ ingredient and stumbled across Ashwagahanda on her travels in India. She claims that where ‘alcohol often brings you down, Mockingbird will lift you up.' How fabulous!

What better way to use the spirit than in a simple margarita (without refined sugars of course).

 AF Margarita

Alcohol-Free Classic Margarita with Mockingbird Spirit

50ml Mockingbird Spirit
5ml orange blossom water
10ml agave
Juice of 1 lime
Shake with ice and serve on the rocks with a salted rim

3. Vermouth Paloma

In The Loop Vermouth

In The Loop No.18 Vermouth


Featured in two of our cocktails, we thought we’d let you know why we love In The Loop vermouths so much.
Firstly, they are super tasty. They have various varieties from the rose-tinted No.3 to the fresh and herbaceous No.18.
Second, we love the packaging- if you are looking for a sophisticated gift, a bottle of this will go down a treat.
Third; Gina the founder has been incredibly helpful to us throughout our journey. There’s only so many ‘sorry we can’t help’ one person can handle.
Did we also mention they are super sustainable? In The Loop uses wine that would have otherwise gone to waste, therefore keeping all materials IN THE LOOP. They also grow and forage their own botanicals, never taking more than what is needed.

This delicious twist on a Paloma makes the perfect aperitif.

 Vermouth Paloma

Vermouth Paloma


• 50ml In The Loop Chardonnay Vermouth (No.18)
• 10ml agave syrup
• Juice from half a lime
• 60ml fresh pink grapefruit juice
• soda water
Shake with ice and pour into an ice-filled tall glass. Top with the soda and garnish with grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

And just because we can....

Well, they aren’t drinks brands, but if you are looking for some more inspirational female-led brands or Insta accounts to follow- we recommend the below.

Bexfast for delicious healthy breakfast pots that should be bad for you. Her Insta account is incredibly inspiring and it’s amazing to see how fast the company is growing!

Holly Tucker for all things colourful. She’s launched the #FemaleFoundersUnite movement- and her network is full of support, positive vibes, and inspirational messages.

@brokedirtyblonde for celebrating individuality and @luinlululand for fabulousness and in her own words, growing old disgracefully. Love it!

Remember, you can buy our limited edition range of cocktails, in honour of International Women's Day, now. Throughout March 50% of profits are going to the Young Women's Trust and the Music Venues Trust.

Mindful Mixology's International Women's Day Range of Cocktails Mindful Mixology IWD Cocktail Range

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