Home Bar Glassware Essentials

So your latest lockdown project is building the perfect home bar?

You’re not alone - hundreds of people have decided to build their own bars since they can’t go to one themselves! But to have a good bar, you need a well-stocked supply of glassware.


Here’s a list of the essentials for the complete home bar:

1. The Rocks Glass

Also called an old fashioned glass or simply a lowball, this is a staple in everyone’s kitchen. Short and classic and essential for a number of important cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned (surprise, surprise), the Negroni, or many types of whiskey. They’re suitable for single spirit mixers or drinks that involve muddling something at the base of the glass. They also look great for any occasion, and sipping an Old Fashioned out of a rocks glass is probably the best way to imagine you’re back at the bar, sliding into a stool, at the end of the week!

We love using our rocks glasses for our delicious Pink Margarita, on the rocks of course.

A crystal cut rocks glass

2. The Highball

You probably already have these lying around in some form. If you don’t, better nip down to your local supermarket quickly! The highball is sometimes used interchangeably with the Collins glass, which is slightly taller and slimmer. Either way, they both serve a solid purpose.

A ‘highball’ in terms of a cocktail is really just a fancy way of saying spirit-mixer, referring to drinks such as a gin & tonic or Scotch & soda.

We use ours for our Elderflower Gimlet. We just love it topped with soda and with a funky looking cucumber ribbon. Delicious!

Cucumber ribbon in a tall glass

Glassware from LSA-International

3. The Wine Glass

This should go without saying. But there’s more to a wine glass than just for the sake of having a wine glass. If you’re a wine person, rather than a cocktail person (how blasphemous!) you’ll know that the shape of a wine glass is important to taste it accurately. They’re also pretty common, so you might already have a fancy set sitting around somewhere.

But wine glasses aren’t just for wine! Cocktail-wise, wine glasses are the perfect alternative to martini glasses, margarita glasses and daiquiri glasses- and can be used for spritzes, sangria, or if you're feeling particularly thirsty, one hell of a Salted Coconut Espresso Martini'. We love balloon wine glasses for a hefty gin & tonic too!

Lychee Martini in a copper wine glassGlassware from Amara

4. The Flute

Because Prosecco just doesn’t taste the same out of a plastic cup! Flutes aren’t only essential for the consumption of champagne, but for all the other cocktails that are topped with champagne, or indeed anything sparkly too! A Kir Royale, a mimosa, a French 75 - all the classiest, most elegant bubbly cocktails must be served out of a flute! Not to mention, they might be the prettiest type of glassware out there too.

Champagne flute


5. Shot

Do you really need shot glasses? In my experience, yes. If you ever fancy making a Porn star Martini at home, you absolutely need to serve a shot of bubbles on the side, otherwise it’s not a Porn star!

Shot glasses can also be useful for measuring out volumes of liquid, especially if you don’t have a jigger or other bar equipment used for measuring. One full shot glass is equivalent to one shot of liquor, which is about 25ml-30ml, or 1 ounce.

Not to mention, there’s no better way to get the party started than with a round of tequilas (that's if we are ever allowed to have parties!)

Shot glass


If all of this sounds easy peasy to you, and you fancy going all out Tom Cruise, check out our beautiful copper cocktail equipment.

Main picture from www.Amara.com 

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