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Blueberry and Sage Julep

30th May is Mint Julep Day!!!

Did you hear us on BBC Radio Norfolk this morning? We had so much fun talking all things Summer, cocktails and of course the now infamous Mint Julep.

Did you know the Juleps are actually a category of drinks, although the most popular variation by far is the Bourbon based classic.

If you're not a fan of whiskey, we think Bourbon is a great introduction. Complex and flavoursome you should get flavours of vanilla, spice and even caramel.

The classic Mint Julep recipe is simply 50ml Bourbon, 10ml sugar-syrup and a handful of fresh garden mint. 

The key is to muddle the mint with the syrup in a silver julep cup (see pic below) or a tall glass. Make sure you bruise the mint rather than breaking it- if you chop or bash too hard it will release lots of bitter elements.

Add your bourbon, fill with crushed ice and stir for a good 30 seconds until all the ingredients are mixed with the ice and there is a layer of condensation on the glass. Now top with crushed ice again to form a dome and garnish with a mint sprig (some people dust it with powdered sugar for an extra frosty look).


Don't fancy Bourbon?

You can easily swap the base spirit for something that takes your fancy. Rum, brandy or cognac work well. You can even use gin, but go for a more flavoursome variety- a bathtub gin such as Norfolk Gin would be amazing.

You can also try an alcohol-free spirit such as Caleno Dark & Spicy. It's a fabulous rum alternative, with a slight 'alcohol' burn so it really gives the impression that you are drinking rum!


Norfolk Gin

Norfolk Gin


Other Variations

Of course, in true Mindful Mixology style, we have played around with fruits we had in the freezer (from last year's crop) and herbs from the garden. 

Blueberry and sage is the perfect pairing with mint and Bourbon. Give it a go, and let us know how you get along. The recipe below makes around 1 litre so you can use it for other cocktails recipes, baking or even over your yoghurt!


For the blueberry and sage syrup (this recipe gives you 1 litre)

  •  20g sage leaves 
  • 1 unwaxed lemon
  • 1 litre of water
  •  250g of organic unrefined cane sugar or 150g of sugar alternative such as Monk Fruit (you can also use 100ml organic agave or honey)
  •  1 punnet of Blueberries


You can play around with herbs in this if sage isn't your thing. Rosemary or mint would work well.

    Add your sugar element, water, and blueberries to a saucepan on the stove on medium heat. Stir thoroughly until the sugar dissolves. It’ll take about 10-15 minutes.

    Next add your washed sage leaves and take off the heat. Allow the liquid to cool to room temperature. Strain and store in the fridge in a clean glass jar. 

    At this stage it depends how much you want to strain the liquid. Use a fine strainer if you'd like it smoother.


    Blueberry Julep

    Blueberry & Sage Julep


    Recipe for the Blueberry and Sage Julep

    Bash a handful of mint leaves and pop in a tall glass with 20ml of the blueberry syrup. Add 30ml of a good quality Bourbon and fill with crushed ice.  (You can add  50ml here, but we like ours with slightly less alcohol).

    Stir thoroughly until a layer of condensation forms on the outside of the glass.

    Top with more crushed ice, so it forms a dome. Garnish with berries or a sprig of mint.

    Enjoy- and let us know what you think! 


    Mint Juleps

    The classic Mint Julep in a silver Julep cup 

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