Best Cold-Weather Cocktail Ingredients

The flurries of snow we’ve seen across the UK are definitely a cause to stay inside, sipping a warming drink while staring out the window as the snow drifts down.

But the weather is starting to lift, and it won’t be long until we’ll be drinking Aperol Spritzes by the dozen.

Until then, we’ve come up with a few of the best cold weather ingredients for you to muck about with and experiment with your cocktail skills.

After all, while it’s still horribly cold outside, there’s nothing better than huddling up in your dressing gown with a warm drink - especially if that warm drink has booze in it!


1. Coffee

I know, it seems obvious - yes, we all love an espresso martini (especially a delectable Salted Coconut one) but coffee is a versatile drink and there are several other coffee cocktail options out there.

This is your chance to get creative! Peppermint schnapps sitting at the back of the cupboard, gathering dust? Excellent addition to your evening cappuccino. Leftover Bailey’s from Christmas Eve? Mix with coffee, cocoa powder, milk, and top with whipped cream for the most sinful hot chocolate ever.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding a shot of espresso to a Dark & Stormy- it sounds weird, but we can vouch for it!

Dark rum, tequila instead of lime, ginger beer, and a shot of espresso actually make for a super interesting combination and a deliciously wintry cocktail - trust us! Give it a try.

All seems a bit too much effort? Try one we've put together for you. 

2. Cinnamon

Move over, Hot Toddy, there’s loads more things you can do with cinnamon.

First of all, mulled wine, mulled wine, mulled wine. It’s not just for Christmas! It’s also much easier to make than you think and it’s super customisable, so you can add or remove any flavours that you like! The basic ingredients are simply red wine, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, lemon zest, and sugar. Feel free to mix and match the spices any way you like.

Another brilliant cinnamon-y option is to mix with apple juice and whiskey for the ultimate warming winter drink, with a hint of lemon and sugar to round it out. If you’re feeling extra festive, maybe try for some maple syrup instead of sugar, or even honey if you’re being sugar-conscious! 

Mulled Drinks


3. Gingerbread

Gingerbread syrup actually isn’t that difficult to find plus it adds a lovely warming spice to your cocktail. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make gingerbread syrup yourself! All you need is sugar, ginger, cinnamon, and boiling water - sounds like the makings of an excellent cocktail. If you don’t fancy all that sugar, you can opt for a sugar-free alternative or you can always use honey instead, which is obviously packed full of beneficial components.

For a brilliant gingerbread cocktail, look no further than yours truly with our Gingerbread Old Fashioned.


4. Peppermint

At the risk of sounding totally basic, one of our favourite seasonal drinks is a good old Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. Add some vodka to it, and you’ve got the loveliest warming drink just begging to be topped with whipped cream.

Peppermint schnapps are easy to find, or better yet, you can even melt down leftover peppermint sweets that have been laying around your house for ages to make your own peppermint syrup.

Alternatively, for something a bit less decadent, you could go for a take on the old classic ‘Shamrock’ drink - Irish whiskey, Green Chartreuse, peppermint and a bit of dry vermouth. Stir and strain for an ultra sophisticated but seasonally appropriate minty drink!


Shamrock Cocktail


There you have it, loads of options for simple shop-bought ingredients that can turn into the most delicious, unique cocktails.

But if you’re still stuck, or don’t fancy any of that shaking by yourself, we’re still here for you. Check out our own range of amazing cocktails available for delivery here!


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