Veganuary: Healthier, Eco-Friendly Cocktails

Let’s be honest, few things in the cocktail world compare to pouring yourself a freshly shaken Whiskey Sour and seeing that beautiful layer of foamy egg white rest at the top. But you promised yourself you’d stick to Veganuary this year!

Worry not, we’ve got you sorted.

During these cold lockdown months, a nice warming cocktail is a perfect way to relax at the end of yet another work-from-home day.

Whether you’re a vegan who sorely misses foamy drinks or you’re just a bit weirded out by the concept of an egg in your drink, here are a few alternatives to try out!

1. Aquafaba

Chickpeas- aquafaba

It’s the mysterious miracle ingredient on everyone's lips. Aquafaba is essentially just chickpea water, but it has several pros that make it preferable to egg whites. For one, 15ml of aquafaba is lower in calories than 15ml of egg white.

They also have a much longer shelf life - if you keep the juice from a canned tin of chickpeas to use for cocktails, it’ll last for about two weeks, whereas separated egg whites may have a week in them at best.
Aquafaba also has a very minimal smell and doesn’t add any discernible taste to your drinks - you can assure your guests that you’re not serving them a hummus martini! But they are much more eco-friendly than eggs, and of course, vegan!

2. Foaming Bitters
Foaming Bitters- alternatives to egg-white
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Now a staple in every cocktail bar, foaming bitters are Veganuary’s best friend! Not only do they have an infinite shelf life, but most foaming bitters are also devoid of allergens and one bottle can last you for ages!

Other benefits of foaming bitters are that they don’t add any volume to your drink, plus they are by far the most eco-friendly option since they last a long time and don’t involve any animal products.

With foaming bitters, all you need to do is add a few drops to your cocktail before you shake it, and you end up with a lovely frothy foam. If you’re trying to cut out some calories from your cocktail consumption, this is a friendly alternative to egg whites.

3. Fresh Fruit

Fresh pineapple
We know this one is so simple it feels like cheating!

Adding certain fresh fruits to your cocktail is an easy way to get a nice frothy crown, be kinder to the environment, and be healthier! For example, try adding a dash of pineapple juice to your whiskey sour. Because pineapple has tons of protein, when you shake it hard you end up with a frothy head on top! Not only that, but you’ve also elevated your whiskey sour to a Pineapple Whiskey Sour and made it healthier.

Try adding a bit of passionfruit pulp to your Amaretto Sour! Bit of a cheeky way to get in one of your 5 of a day, but fruit is fruit, am I right?


Maybe you’re trying to be a bit more mindful of everything you consume, maybe not- either way, the alternatives to egg whites mentioned above should provide a few options for how best to elevate your cocktail-making game!

P.S. Still worried you won’t get the perfect froth on your Whiskey Sour? Click here for the best equipment to help get that foamy goodness!

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