The UK Cocktail Delivery Craze

Congratulations on making it through Dry January! (No worries if you didn’t,
neither did we!)

Cocktail delivery has really taken off during the pandemic - trust the Brits to let nothing, not even a global pandemic, get in the way of cocktails! It’s not just cocktails - home delivery kits of all sorts have seen an explosion of growth since we’ve all been at home most of the time. Everyone’s now buying their cocktails online, some pre-made, or some deconstructed packages with instructions on how to mix your favourite tipple.

There are tons of benefits to home delivery of cocktails.

Don’t get us wrong, who doesn’t love plopping into a barstool at the end of the week and ordering round after round of negronis, ringing in the weekend? But these days, we may have to make do
with that half-drunk bottle of spiced rum and whatever random garnish you can find in the back of the fridge. 

One of the best things about cocktail delivery is that since there are so many to choose from, you can decide how hands-on you want to be with your cocktail making.


If you don’t fancy any of the hard work, some places will have you simply pop open a pouch and pour it straight into your glass. Other services will send you the various components of a cocktail, along with instructions on how to become an at-home mixologist yourself!
These kits can be particularly fun, as they can serve as an activity for the adults at home during the inevitable lockdown boredom!

Some places will even send you drink-ware, so you don’t have to serve up a grapefruit margarita to your housemates in a plastic cup. This way, you’re in charge of how involved in the process you are.

Whilst others supply those cocktail making essentials, like a shaker- to save you from your last minute rummage for a jam jar and lid!


Another benefit of cocktail delivery services across the UK is that people are being more conscious and mindful of what they consume, and if someone wants to be more health-conscious, it’s much easier to head to Mindful Mixology than having to source low-sugar products yourself! Let's be honest, how many Tesco's are going to stock Coconut Blossom...

At Mindful Mixology, all our cocktails come with a list of full ingredients available online so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

“I’m learning all sorts about what actually goes in my drink,” says Ava, 26, from Nottingham.

“I’m really enjoying home cocktail delivery kits because I feel like I have tons of options and it’s great to just be able to pop open a cocktail at home and have fun with the presentation and garnish."

Ava’s not alone.

Cocktail delivery services are operating all across the country, from London to Birmingham, and Cornwall to Leeds. Whether you fancy a daiquiri, espresso martini, negroni, or margarita, there’s a cocktail delivery service out there for you.

There are even some companies out that slide a premade pouch of boozy goodness right through your letterbox- like our friends at

If you don’t fancy one yourself, cocktail packages also make great gifts during the pandemic - who wouldn’t love opening the door to find a ready-made Old Fashioned sitting on their doorstep?



Check out our very own range of cocktails that can be delivered right to your doorstep, including our subscription service (launching soon), so you never have to lift a finger for your cocktail again!


Cheers to that!

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